As far as I’m concerned, this was the last column I published last year, for reasons too dreary to go into.

It was a long run: fourteen years. I was getting a little sick of myself, to be honest, and the rest of my life was so stressful and hectic that I am grateful that the universe put the brakes on. To be precise, since I’m the one who hit the brakes I guess it wasn’t the universe so much as me just obeying all the road signs the universe had planted in my path.

I haven’t written much since then, in case you haven’t noticed. If you did notice, and you mentioned that to me, well, thank you. That was more flattering than you ever could guess.

I’m thinking of being regular with this again, and have noodled around some thoughts. No column, just blog. Trying to find something sustainable, because I have the attention span of that noodle I just mentioned.


See this space for more details.