Last time I fell this hard, it was for Dad, Interrupted

fallen and cant get up

There’s a joke that says:

If you want to know how old you look, fall over.

If everyone laughs, you still got it. If everyone looks worried and runs over to you, you’re old.

Well, it’s official: I’m your great-great grandmother.

I was leaving an event in Las Vegas, and while I was trying to do two things at once (arrange for a ride with Uber and walk), I tripped over a curb and went sprawling.

My observations:

There are lots of nice people in Vegas. I don’t know who the people are who ran over and helped me out, but they were very kind.

Otterbox makes a terrific product. My phone was unscathed.

Fun Fact: There’s a right way to fall and humiliate yourself in public. According to the lovely orthopedic surgeon I saw a few weeks later, I didn’t twist during the fall, so I didn’t tear anything. I just landed straight on my knees (omg, you do not know how much I cringe when I remember doing it) so all I have is pain, not surgery.

Find The Pony Moment: It’s a good wake up call, coming at a time when I can still do something to help myself out as I reach the years where my health will be my greatest asset, and I don’t want to be bankrupt early.

Also: I am really, really aware of trip and fall hazards now, which is a good thing, because tripping and falling is how so many people of a certain age (i.e. me) meet their doom.

So, learn from me: if you’re going to set up an Uber, do it the smart way and stop walking, set it, and keep going. Don’t do it like me and stop, drop, and roll all over a Las Vegas parking lot.

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